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What is Pay For Performance PPC?


  • Google AdWords Qualified Professional
  • Active manager of PPC advertising programs since 2002
  • Search marketing professor at Boston University
  • Frequent guest lecturer at Bentley College
  • See authored PPC articles below
  • References readily available

We Might Have A Fit, If Your PPC Program:

  • Has been ongoing for at least a year
  • Is currently being managed by an agency (in-house is OK too)
  • You are currently paying 10% or more in management fees based on your Cost of Clicks, and/or are paying a fixed monthly management fee
  • Has a clearly defined set of conversion actions that occur on the website

If you have clear direction/guidelines for target costs per action, this will be extremely helpful.  If you do not have those clearly defined at this stage, I have extensive expertise in ROI modeling and can help you define an initial set of target CPAs, which we can refine over time.

Both B2B and B2C are OK.  However, I have a slight preference for B2C/e-commerce.

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If you think there is a potential fit between your Paid Search Advertising program's needs & my expertise, experience, and willingness to develop a Pay For Performance relationship, please contact me and we can connect to discuss the opportunity:

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