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Are Infographics Here to Stay?

I'm not breaking any new ground here when I say that infographics are all the rage in Internet marketing, and that infographics can be used very effectively for attracting links to your site to enhance your SEO efforts.  The reason?  Infographics make great Social Media Food!



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Via: All Things CRM

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Via: PhD Online

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Via: Fixr

In fact, at the bottom of this post I am linking to just a few other articles that I found in a 2-minute search for articles on the topic!

Here's why infographics have been successful link building vehicles:

  • They're pretty. People like pictures a lot more than words. (so why are most of my posts so dense?)
  • It's not threatening to pass an infographic via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.  Your network will probably enjoy seeing the content.  One more easy-to-share social media item!
  • Most infographics are actually very good, and packed with rich data.  Bloggers and article-writers can reference data in their posts that much easier by embedding an infographic into their post and linking to the original source.
  • Marketers on the edge of gray in terms of industries they serve - casinos, insurance quotes, affiliate marketing, etc. - can use an infographic on a deep page on their site, promote it through sharing sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, etc. - and still have a chance of people "liking" it (despite the sketchy domain name they might see).
  • Complex data sets and ideas can be distilled down to their essence, and make the information digestible by a wider audience than might otherwise have been able to "wrap their heads around" the information.  This is, after all, the reason infographics were ever invented!!  Not for linkbait.  It's just a convenient coincidence.

As with any Internet marketing trend, this could become a fad and just fade away.  People may get sick of seeing the "infographic template" burned into their brain.  But, here's why I don't think we'll see the demise of the infographic soon:

(stop me if these look familiar)

  • They're pretty
  • Non-threatening to share with business friends
  • Data-rich, making good reference points
  • Easy to be the wolf pretending to be Little Red Riding Hood's Grandma
  • Useful in getting complex ideas across
  • Infographics aren't new at all!!! Humans have presented ideas and data in pictorial form since "the beginning".  We're just seeing the Internet marketing utility in infographics pound us in the face at the moment.

If you are looking for more to satisfy your infographics fix, check out and (both sites offer commentary on the quality and design of the infographics).

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  1. Great post, Andy. A well-done infographic is a powerful thing! The most effective ones do an awesome job communicating complex ideas in a way that appears simple on its face. I think it’s extraordinarily difficult to do it well, which is why a good one is so valuable.

  2. Hi Mary – Thanks for the positive feedback! You’re absolutely right, getting it right and “nailing it” is the thing that will make decent/good infographic great, and give it staying power. I appreciate you coming to the blog and commenting.


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